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Go Beyond Calorie Counting

Medical Weight Loss & Weight Care

Obesity has become a serious and growing problem in the U.S. and in many nations worldwide.

New statistics in the United States are shocking: more than 67% of adult men and 62% of adult women are obese or at risk of obesity. This highlights the need for effective men’s weight loss programs to combat the rising rates of health issues, including type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and prostate/colorectal cancers. Despite the billions of dollars generated annually by quick fix weight loss solutions, such as prepackaged meals, weight loss shakes, supplements, teas, and fad diets, these approaches won’t address the root cause of obesity.

To combat the staggering annual death toll of over 300,000 associated with being overweight, and the significantly reduced life expectancy for obese individuals (up to 20 years), we must treat obesity as a medical issue and adopt informed, intelligent, long-term lifestyle changes. Discover how our men’s weight loss programs can help you take the necessary steps towards a healthier future.

Medical Weight Loss & Weight Management

3 Steps to a New You

No matter where you are in the weight loss journey, we provide safe, non-surgical approaches to weight loss that will help you lose weight and keep it off.

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I have tried diets before with no success.

It becomes more difficult, if not impossible, to lose unwanted weight as we age. It appears that no matter what we try, nothing works, and we eventually give up. What if I told you it might not have been your fault?

How is Medical weight loss diets different?

First and foremost, before making any changes to your body, it’s essential to understand it. You may be exercising with little or no results and not know why you’re not losing weight. At our facility, we provide a plan specifically tailored to your body’s needs. We examine your entire holistic health profile and design a program that allows you to see results more quickly. As doctors, we have more options for developing a program than other weight loss facilities. We assure you that we won’t speculate on solutions or do anything that may harm your health. Our goal is to assist you in achieving life-changing results that we know you’re capable of.

Our Approach

At our facility, we prioritize men’s weight loss programs by developing personalized plans that take into account their current activity levels and the demands of their daily lives. Our clear and incremental approach ensures systematic progress towards achieving their weight loss goals.

We focus on a body weight set point philosophy.

We follow the body weight set point philosophy because it is proven and effective. When you come in for your consultation, our doctor will examine your current health and eating habits to determine the best way to assist you in losing weight and keeping it off without the use of fad diets.

The caliber of the foods you consume. According to laboratory studies, the quality of foods has a significant impact on overall weight and can help reduce weight by up to 15%.

Hormones: Evidence suggests that addressing hormone imbalance can result in an immediate weight loss and optimize the patient’s metabolic profile.

Medication: Medication can help you burn more calories, maintain hormone balance, lessen food cravings, and prevent excessive eating.

How do I track diet progress?

We measure your fat, muscle, and total body water with the InBody Composition Analyzer, which also helps us understand how your muscle and fat are distributed. This allows us to clearly monitor your progress.

Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Our professionals will analyze your metabolism to determine how to create a personalized program that provides you with the building blocks for success. We will create a comprehensive plan for you that goes beyond calorie counting. From kickstart programs to rev up your metabolism to fast-mimicking diet plans, vitamin injections, hormone support, and fitness program partnerships, we have it all. Our all-encompassing approach to helping you lose weight and keep it off is effective!

Medication Support

Our healthcare professionals can help you manage your appetite and food cravings with custom prescription support. When you work with our team to create your personalized weight loss plan, you will gain access to additional treatments such as lipotropic injectables (fat burning catalysts) and complex formula vitamin injections.

Nutrition and Exercise

Personalized nutrition planning and a Fast-Mimicking Diet program to boost metabolic re-setting to help you jump start your weight loss and feel better. A good diet and regular exercise are the foundations of any successful weight loss program.

Hormone Support

For many men, declining testosterone levels as they age can make it difficult to lose or maintain weight loss. Our Program has successfully treated thousands of men suffering from low testosterone with testosterone replacement therapy, which helps rebuild muscle mass and reduce body fat.

Losing weight through nutrition and exercise can help you in many ways, including:

Take a Proactive Approach to Health and Fitness

Men gain weight for a variety of reasons. Excess weight can be caused by a variety of factors, including overeating and serious medical conditions, but it can also be caused by stress, anxiety and depression, andropause, thyroid issues, environmental toxins, and medications.

Whatever factors have contributed to your weight gain, you can regain control of your life with our tried-and-true methods based on metabolic and health assessments, close medical supervision, behavioral adjustments, nutritional education, exercise, and accountability. With the physicians at our practice, you can take a proactive clinical approach to losing those extra pounds.

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